If you see me post, I'm awake. If you don't see me post, then I'm probably still awake. If I say "I'm going to go to sleep" I'm lying. I'm Hannibal Lecter (But not really), 18 (I ought to check my description more regularly, I'm now 19, AAAH!), England. I post stuff. I think I'm far enough into my blog for you to be able to look around and see if you like, or dislike, the things I post. Feel free to follow me, but it's okay if you don't, I'd rather my follower count to be lower. Followers are too mainstream for me. Also, be sure to check out my art work before you leave (The link should be down there somewhere)!

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distanced- replied to your post: Lost a follower for being a cannibal

I love your dietary habits.

Why don’t you come a little closer so we can discuss them? :)

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